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Vedanta Institute Houston is a 501c3 non-profit foundation dedicated to making Vedanta available to all through weekly study groups, corporate management programs, addresses to community groups and arrangement of Swami Parthasarathy's Houston seminar.  

Inspiration and Guidance

 Vedanta Institute Houston is inspired and guided by Swami Parthasarathy, his works and global service to humanity.  

Swamiji is the 91 year-old, Self-Realized founder and Chief Acharya of Vedanta Academy, India.  He is the author of 12 books and has been travelling the world continuously for the past 60 years on speaking tours.  

All programs conducted by VIH are based on Swamiji's unique, accessible and groundbreaking translation of the ancient Vedanta philosophy for modern life.

PRESS about Swamiji

Sunandaji is the daughter-disciple of Swamiji.  

She has been imbibing and propogating Vedanta under Swamiji's guidance for the past 30 years.

Vedanta Institute Houston looks forward to welcoming her to Houston to address our community.